3 Healthy Lunch Ideas! Easy & Fast!

3 Healthy Lunch Ideas! Easy & Fast!
HEY GUYS! For today’s #howtobehappyjanuary video I’m showing you 3 of my current favorite healthy lunch ideas! I think eating well is so important for our overall wellbeing! MY LAST #TEATALK…


  1. Hi Nikki! I love your shirt and I was wondering where it came from! I love the colours and the patterns and I think it’s so cool! Also, I’ve been watching your videos for years now and you’re truly such an inspiration to me! Keep up the amazing work! Xo ?

  2. I found, I was missing a little something when I made chickpea salad to kinda mimic tuna salad, so I added a little bit of Old Bay seasoning along with the onions and a few other things but the Old Bay Seasoning really kick it up a notch for me!

  3. I love these Ideas, this is so perfect for me! I’m trying to stop eating dairy and all meat products and it’s so cool to see new recipes I can try! Garbanzo tuna, GENIUS!!

  4. LOVED the video! I wanted to say that I have been loving the way your house is decorated! I love seeing plants inside. It’s so welcoming and it feels like home. Love, love, love!

  5. Nikki I have a question… In America do you always toast your bread for you sandwiches because I'm from England and if we make a sandwich we don't toast it like bread and toast are different things. You get me?? I really wanna try the spicy veggie Blt thooo??

  6. Loved the video of course! I just think when you do the taste tests the camera should be on a tripod, it looks a little shaky and is kind of distracting. But otherwise this video was amazing and can't wait to try all of the recipes!

  7. I need to try that chick pea salad sandwich! I love tuna salad but I am really concerned about the mercury levels in tuna!

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