3 Yummy & Healthy Dinner Ideas!

3 Yummy & Healthy Dinner Ideas!
Here are 3 YUMMY & HEALTHY Dinner Ideas! Today’s video is sponsored by Hello Fresh. Click here for $30 of your first week of meals: My promo code is HELLONIKKI30 🙂 ———…


  1. Where did you get your cute salt and pepper shakers ? I would love to buy them as a gift for my mom!! And your cooking vidoes are the best !! ?

  2. I've always wanted to try a box but that wouldn't be enough food for me and my husband. I'm pregnant and he works hard and has a big appetite.

  3. Hi, Nikki! I am a big fan of Hello Fresh and recommend them highly. They were a lifesaver for me at a difficult time in my time. You are SO RIGHT–it is like a cooking class in your own kitchen. I learned different techniques, made different sauces and even learned how to chop onions, etc. because my kitchen knife skills were not the greatest. It takes practice. This was a wonderful video and Hello Fresh couldn't have picked a better spokesperson than YOU. <3

  4. I appreciate that you tried everything on camera at the end. Sometimes I feel like youtubers only do it for the money and don't genuinely care about what the hello fresh food tastes like. So Thank you for that! ?

  5. I think the word you're looking for witht the pine nuts sprinkled…..drizzled is for liquid like oil. Looks tasty af though. Going to try the casadias tonight 😀

  6. I think its so interesting how different countries have different names for the same vegetables. You call them white and purple onions, we call them brown and red onions. You call it bell pepper and we call it capsicum. I think its really interesting and I wonder how it started

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