5 Healthy Ways to Cook Your Favourite Foods

5 Healthy Ways to Cook Your Favourite Foods

Progressive oven designers such as ASKO offer multifunctional solutions that save time, guide the chef, and satisfy every meal preference. Here are five healthy ways to cook your favourite foods using an ASKO Elements Pure Steam Oven.

Steam cooking

It’s universally accepted that steamed vegetables are a valuable addition to any healthy diet. However, there is a segment of society that remains stubbornly resistant to change, and steamed vegetables aren’t always on the radar for people who prefer more succulent meals. The ASKO OCS8678G Pure Steam Oven provides a genuine alternative, with 19 different oven functions including steam mode. With chef and oven finally in harmony, steamed preparations can be the hero of the dish instead of being limp, overcooked sides that are pushed around the plate without enthusiasm. ASKO steam cooking benefits include:

  • Healthy stewing, cooking and roasting at low temperatures
  • The addition of fats and oils is unnecessary with steam cooking
  • Steam locks in flavour without crossover of smell or taste
  • Vegetables, meat and fish can be cooked simultaneously
  • Steam can be used for blanching, defrosting and warming

Sous vide cooking

Slow vacuum-sealed sous vide cooking is becoming an increasingly popular culinary style. There are only a couple of steps in this mostly hands-free method, allowing the chef to focus on other tasks while the automated ASKO oven program takes charge of the cooking. Here are the simple-to-master sous vide steps:

Step one: The food is first placed in an appropriate bag which is then vacuumed using an ASKO vacuum drawer, removing most of the air. Nutrients and liquids can’t escape, resulting in juicier, tastier meals.

Step two: Temperature and time are automated using the OCS8687G sous vide steam settings. The high definition control panel includes access to a vast pre-programmed recipe list, plus the option of adding personal favourites for easy retrieval whenever required.

Step three: Sous vide dishes can be kept at serving temperature until family or guests arrive, with the meal ready for immediate serving.

Hot air plus steam

Using hot air plus steam makes restaurant quality cooking possible. Steam is the secret behind perfect crusts and aerated, soft bread and pastries. Meat and fish retain succulence and volume instead of drying out and burning as experienced with conventional ovens. Roasting and baking need no longer be intimidating when using the right appliance, and there is every chance that other household members will want to get in on the act and try out their newfound culinary skills.

Multi-phase cooking

Progressive ovens share the workload with the chef by providing multi-phase cooking. The oven automatically adjusts settings during every stage of meal preparation, making hands-free healthy cooking an exacting experience worth savouring. Experienced chefs have the option to adjust settings for personal preferences, while novice cooks still receive the accolades for a job well done.

Pro Roasting

Achieving the perfect roast is intimidating for inexperienced chefs, particularly in older ovens with inconsistent heating of the oven cavity. Healthy ASKO Pro Roasting solutions include an automatic heating cycle that guarantees high-quality results in only a few simple steps.

Step one: Meat is sealed at high temperature using hot air and the top heating element.

Step two: Oven settings automatically adjust during cooking, allowing the dish to cook slowly at a preset temperature using both top and bottom heating elements.

Personalised pro roasting is just as easy using the special ASKO meat probe. Insert the probe into meat that is ready to be baked, roasted or grilled, then set the desired temperature and commence cooking. The oven control panel informs the chef when the food is cooked to perfection and ready to be enjoyed.

Healthy eating is for everyone regardless of dietary preferences. With the right oven on your side, cooking your favourite healthy foods is easier than ever, and the ASKO OCS8678G Elements Pure Steam Oven even cleans itself using the aqua clean, steam clean or descaling program when cooking is done.

Multifunctional appliances are here to stay and a return to shared, healthy meals is now entirely possible. Smart ovens bridge the gap between experienced and novice chefs, encouraging everybody to join in and enjoy the culinary revolution.