5 More Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas | In Under 5 Minutes

5 More Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas | In Under 5 Minutes
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  1. Thanks so much Dani for doing this. Another Awesome Video, and I appreciate your great ideas and insight.
    I hope You have a wonderful weekend with much Love Joy and Blessings for You Dani.

  2. Hello my friends! I've got 5 more super easy + delicious breakfast ideas for you that all come together in under 5 minutes. I cant wait to hear which one you will try first! xo – Dani

  3. Mmmm….. I like pancakes so much…. It taste delicious and yummy!!! And that easiest mug cake taste great!!!! What an awesome breakfast you have made!!!Great job!!! See u anytime!!!

  4. I would like to make your chocolate mug cake, but I don't use the microwave. I'm assuming it could be baked or made stovetop. Suggestions regarding temperature setting and duration. Thank you.

  5. Just found u on YouTube and love it. Made your c.c muffins already today my kids are obsessed . I did add some protein powder and chia seeds. So good !!

  6. I’m wary about the safety of chia seeds. Chia seeds can definitely expand, but that may raise a concern in food safety, namely choking on the chia seeds. Perhaps, it’s safer to soak chia seeds in water before consuming them so they don’t start expanding in your throat?

  7. You outdid yourself my dear ??????
    Awesome ( and not complicated) choices!!! Loved it!!
    Question abt the smoothie, do you add any sweetener to it? Berries are usually not very sweet.

  8. I have seen numerous video's saying banana's are one of the foods that u should NOT eat on an "empty stomach" ! ! … ie Breakfast ? ? Your thoughts ?

  9. Loved these recipes so easy and looks delish. I wanted to order some Bobs with the code but shipping was gonna cost 47.50 that was more than my order total. So sad. Luckily whole foods Canada caries these products do I’ll get some when I do my groceries next trip. Woohoo! Love your descriptions of the food makes me so hungry.

  10. Hi Dani and C&D community. Unfortunately, I am lactose intolerant and cannot eat lactose containing product. Is there any good dairy free substitute for cottage cheese? I am looking for a substitute that is also high in protein.

  11. To everyone that has tried Bob’s protein pancake, I would like to ask if the pancake have a taste of protein powder? I don’t really like the taste of protein powder.

  12. great video 🙂 thank you for the ideas! Two questions.. what can be substituted for the Greek yogurt in the berry smoothie? And, is the pancake mix gluten free by any chance?

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