5 QUICK HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS | Easy Weekday Recipes!

5 QUICK HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS | Easy Weekday Recipes!
Hey you guys! Today I am sharing 5 Quick, Easy and Healthy dinner ideas with you that are perfect for the week! I’m often really busy and don’t have a huge amount of time to cook, so these…


  1. I am just loving your recipes. Simple healthy and tasty ingredients. And I add chili pepper flakes to EVERYTHING so I was dying of laughter watching this. Thank you!

  2. I thought the title said vegan! No fake meat only vegetables,pasta and beans etc I was like but it’s not vegan then I re looked at the title and I was like oh makes sense

  3. Hi Liezl … Just want to say I love you blogs. Best thing ever was when I came across your blog on You Tube. It was like listening to myself, hearing your struggle's too. So just want to say a huge thanks for that coz I am hooked to your recipes and all the info you put on here.
    Thank you… you've been my inspiration.
    Carol :0) xx

  4. Just made the chickpea lettuce wraps and omg. It is amazing! I added pepper flakes to mines. So good. Can’t wait to make and try the other recipes! ???

  5. だしやら醤油やら味噌に頼りっぱなしの私にはこのレシピ全部味薄そう。欧米ではこういうご飯が一般的なのかしら。

  6. I tried the tuna avocado pasta salad and it’s so good I felt healthy eating it lol makes me want to go to the store and continue buying more healthy foods

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