Cottage Cheese Makes the Best Breakfast Bowl

Cottage Cheese Makes the Best Breakfast Bowl

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Breakfast, we love you, but the eggs-oatmeal-smoothie routine doesn’t always cut it during the week. (And don’t say, “Make waffles!” because who has the time?) We want something healthy and high in protein, but we don’t want to spend more than five minutes throwing it together. Are we asking for the impossible? Nah.

Solution: cottage cheese. Yep, those little curds are the easiest high-protein breakfast to throw together because they have texture, creaminess, and a hearty consistency right out of the container (no cooking required). Combine it with some of your favorite toppings or check out the cottage cheese breakfast bowl we created below.

Freaking out without directions? Start with cottage cheese as your base, then add granola and blueberries followed by a drizzle of almond butter. Sprinkle the hemp seeds and cinnamon on top for the finishing touch. (Or, honestly, just throw it all in at once, because really, the order doesn’t matter).