Doctors called popular harmful product healthy Breakfast

Doctors called popular harmful product healthy Breakfast

We are accustomed to the fact that a healthy and wholesome Breakfast has nothing to do with junk food.

But recent studies nutritionists fail to surprise! For example, pizza is a more wholesome Breakfast than cereal with milk.

A study by American nutritionists published edition of The Independent. According to them, the number of calories in one serving of cereal with milk the same number of calories in two slices of pizza. But cereals contain half of the daily allowance of sugar and will not give you the feeling of satiety.

“Perhaps you will be very surprised to know that on average a slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with milk contains the same amount of calories. However, pizza contains a lot more protein so it will fill you with energy all morning long. In addition, the pizza much less sugar”, say nutritionists.

Besides, pizza contains in its composition of proteins and fats that are needed by the body in the morning. That is why you will not feel the rapid fall of level of sugar (compared to the consumption of cereals) and the longer you feel full. Besides, it will help you avoid impulsive snacking before dinner.