EASY HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS | Simple + Delicious Recipes!

EASY HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS | Simple + Delicious Recipes!
Hey you guys! Today I wanted to share my current favorite healthy breakfast recipes with you! This is what I have been eating and loving most lately. So I thought I’d share these healthy breakfast…


  1. I really enjoy your meal and snack ideas! Can you pls make some great pancake breakfasts, That is the very low carb. If possible can you pls create a whole day of meal plan that is not more than the total of 1000 cal /day? Thank you so much!

  2. The reason why the first few pancakes didn't look well was because you added oil to a non-stick pan. It gets better and better because the oil was removed by the napkin:) Love your videos Liezl!! xxx

  3. Omg you can make pancakes with oatmeal and bananas as batter?? This will change my life forever lol i love pancakes but i'm also trying to lose weight ?

  4. That smoothie!!! Im totally subscribing now. I am starting my healthy eating journey now thanks to you. These look great! Btw can you do a apt tour i love it!!?

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