Epic Recipes For Weight Loss Under 390 Calories – Healthy Salmon Meal Prep

Epic Recipes For Weight Loss Under 390 Calories – Healthy Salmon Meal Prep
This recipe for weight loss has under 390 calories and is the tastiest salmon meal prep recipe around. Healthy meal prep has never tasted so god with this salmon recipe with low calorie noodle…


  1. Check out these Macros:
    388 calories per meal
    17 grams of fat per meal
    16.2 grams of carbs per meal
    39.2 grams of protein per meal
    3.6 grams of fiber per meal

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  2. Salmon is so good I that never add any extra flavors to it when I cook it. It is my absolute favourite fish. But I hate that it is so expensive

  3. Soy sauce is fermented, so you don't get those "man boobs" from it. The phytoestrogens are broken down in fermented soy products. Same goes for miso.
    It's different from consuming soybeans, soybean oil, soymilk, and some other soy products that aren't fermented.

  4. Bobby we all know where you got this recipe from (; those salmon cakes look similar to the Jamie Oliver 5 recipe videos we’ve been watching!!! But with your twist it’s all working out 😛

  5. the "man boobs" caused by soy products was an incredibly unique case that included a man who drank something like 3 quarts of soy milk per day and later had swelling , which reduced with reduced soy intake. having a tablespoon of soy sauce really wont kill you and unless you have an allergy or reaction to soy then it can actually be quite healthy.

  6. Wow, learned some new things in your videos. Coconut aminos..i wanna try that. Love the presentation and ease of prepping all of this in one pan for easy clean up. Thats a cool of oil dispenser you got Bobby, reminds me of Rachel Ray's style.

  7. Salmon Meal Prep,I love it.Such a nice person,you share such nice recipe to us.flavcity with bobby parrish, Thank's for sharing this video????

  8. From what I read, those noodles are incredibly healthy. I'll definitely toss my usual very unhealthy instant ramen noodles aside and give this recipe a try!

  9. I tried it a couple of nights ago and it was delicious. I only had wild salmon but it worked out well too, just maybe a bit dry but the flavours were there.

  10. I don't think I can find those noodles in my country but I'm definitely gonna make the salmon patties for my family when I go home for the holidays!

  11. Hey, I've commented before on how I love every recipe of yours that I've tried, but I wanna say that this one was one of my absolute favorites! First time of cooking with shirataki noodles and will definitely be coming back. And the salmon cakes were great as well! 🙂

  12. Your videos are so complete and yummy recipes… You need to do a cookbook (or a show) Just starting the 30 meal plan any tips on which book would be best for the first read to explain the diet/lifestyle.? Thanks again.

  13. Hi Bobby! I did this recipe for my second meal this week but I ran into a problem. Why did my salmon fall apart when I was cooking them? I ended having to cook them in little pieces instead of the patties because they kept falling apart. Can you help me find out what I did wrong please and thank you

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