Healthiest Dal Makhani | Dal Makhani Recipe | How To Make Dal Makhani | Healthy Recipes | Nupur

Healthiest Dal Makhani | Dal Makhani Recipe | How To Make Dal Makhani | Healthy Recipes | Nupur
Download the Rajshri Food App by clicking on this link:- Learn How To Make Dal Makhani in a healthy way from our Chef Nupur Sampat. Make this healthy and nutritious…


  1. I'm so glad I found this channel, I'm vegan and eat pretty healthy, so always struggled with indian cuisine because is normally so greasy. Excellent video, thank you very much 🙂

  2. Black udad dal ( maa di daal) + Chana dal is totally cultural recipe of Punjab(rajma & tomato puree not included in this dal) , you will find this type of dal only in villages ,not in Punjabi restaurants or dhabas. Totally village dal (Pendu dal) . In my village i.e Kamalpur Aghana , Gurdaspur,Punjab,India. , this dal is also known as क्योटी दाल . But in क्योटी dal whole udad dal is not used , chila hua udad daal is used.

  3. Thnq mam … fr making another healthy and tasty recipe…. but wit very less oil n no butter… I hv a doubt… can v use soaked n peeled almonds instead of cashew…??

  4. Obviously the director won't say anything bad about the food
    With no butter
    You can't call it makhni
    Cashew dal ?
    Good recipe for vegans

  5. Indians I think are a bit behind so let me clear something up..Butter and cream are not unhealthy..Yup that's the scientific study out of the UK and US..So these videos really are not telling you anything..

  6. Too good ! More such recipes please . I have high cholesterol problems and i am hoping to try your recipes to lower my oil intake. Your recipes are giving me hope :)) Thank you !

  7. Nice recipe. But I have a doubt, how adding cashew cream instead of milk cream more healthy? Both of them are essentially a form of fat and both are good fats. So does it really make much difference?

  8. This is awesome. Love your presentation style, informative tips and the health perspective that you bring to these recipes. One of the best episodes on this channel.

  9. Your recipes are much appreciated.. Keep good work going and encouraging us towards healthy recipes.
    I would like to see more videos without use of onion and garlic. Excited to see the replacement of these two ingredients in your recipes.

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