Healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast

Shania Spiteri, a member of the EkoSkola committee at St Francis School, wrote about a healthy initiative (Eye Spy, February 21).

It reminded me of the days when I was still a child. I loved eating eggs and toast, every morning, before going to school. However, later on, when I grew older and after a very brief study of health and nutrition I learnt from my cardiologist not to eat bread together with eggs. It is now known, thanks to the study of materials and sources aimed at establishing facts and reach new conclusions, that eating eggs together with bread is very hazardous to our health.

The article mentioned above was accompanied by a picture featuring a tray full of sandwiches. Spiteri needs to know that sandwiches, slices of white bread, are of no nutritional value. Instead, they add to our weight, which seems more of an oxymoron when speaking about a healthy start.