Healthy Dinner Ideas #7 | Two dinners on Weight Watchers

Healthy Dinner Ideas #7 | Two dinners on Weight Watchers
Weight Watcher friendly healthy dinner ideas – smart points included! Original Recipe: Original Recipe:


  1. I love cabbage rolls! I think they’re much better with beef or beef/pork instead of chickens or turkey. I’d take the hit on points to use beef lol, BUT that’s my personal preference, lol. If I made these with chicken or turkey, I’d probably mix in some of the tomato mixture with it. That might help me lol
    I remember being really surprised with how easy the cabbage was to work with. So versatile and so cheap, and so good for you lol I love it
    Meatloaf looks great too! I’m awful at meatloaf. My mother in law makes a great one, and she adds red and green bell peppers, I might just combine the two recipes and make a frankenrecipe lol
    So yum!

  2. YUM! We don't like mushrooms, either, but I always put them in ground meat dishes. I just whiz them up finely in my food processor and then mix it with the ground meat. It doesn't add flavor, but nutrition and also some bulk. I love your cabbage blanching tutorial here…that was so helpful to see how you got the perfectly whole leaves off. Also, your dishes are so pretty!

  3. I would sooooo not have the patience for those cabbage rolls lol! Would you believe I've never had them before? Would love to try, but somebody else has to make them! Great tip on the meatloaf…they both look delicious!

  4. Those look so good! I have never made cabbage rolls, but that always look so yum! In my meatloaf I always grate the onions and I also grate carrots and zucchini that way they aren't big chunks and I mix in fresh chopped spinach! I try to get extra veg in where I can and they don't really notice.

  5. Just a quick tip for taking the core out of the cabbage. If you turn the cabbage over so that the core is facing the counter, you just take the head of cabbage and slam it down on the counter on the core. When you turn it over the whole core will come out.

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