Healthy Shrimp Meatballs Soup Recipe

Healthy Shrimp Meatballs Soup Recipe
The cold fall and winter weather is all about warming recipes and nothing hits the spot quite like a delicious bowl of hot soup. Get healthy shrimp soup recipe at:


  1. Great recipe! Love shrimp! Never thought to make it into a meatball. What other flavors combos would work with the shrimp meatballs?
    Out of curiosity, what was playing in your foreground? I could see the reflection in the cabinets behind you.

  2. if you ever come to nashville, i'll make you all the pho you can eat lol! if you've never tried it, you might enjoy our version of chicken noodle, khao piak sen

  3. Like always, your recipe looks amazing! Beautiful flavor and color. Also, THANK YOU for not calling it 'pho' and that it was inspired instead- shows your integrity as a chef.

  4. I love that you always add a variety of spices and aromatic herbs to your food instead of just seasoning with salt and pepper. It shows that you understand how to layer flavor.

  5. I made this tonight! It was amazing! When will this recipe be on the app? It would of been helpful to use the shopping list instead of having to read from the website. Thank you for this wonderful creation.

  6. Been following you on IG for a while, just started peeping your YouTube channel. Gonna try this recipe for my family tonight!!! (I was born in El Paso Texas btw, raised in Cali tho)

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