HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEAL PREP | @avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley

HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEAL PREP | @avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley
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  1. I subscribed as soon as you said you wanna get it done quickly and not waste time over the weekend a lot of the recipes you come across on the tubes are sooooooo long I just can't be bothered

  2. i absolutely love this! But, all those nuts, tofu, cashews, kale and quinoa, where I live.. there goes my month budget in a week D:

  3. Im a bit late finding this, my geez what a great video, food of substance too. Looks really tasty. I’ve just started the gym back up so I think this is defiantly going to help me out! Thank you x

  4. I'm nowhere near a vegan nor planning to become one, but I love these recipes and do plan to incorporate some of them into my WOE.

  5. Such an amazing cook work! i cant wait to prepare it by myself, but i found it a bit poor of quantity, i can eat all the day dishes in a once. lol you are amazing dude.

  6. If this video doesn't make you want to become a vegan, I don't know what does! Mouthwatering!
    Can someone tell me if this would be too caloric if you are NOT exercising?

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