Keto Snacks That Take Care of Comfort Food Cravings

Keto Snacks That Take Care of Comfort Food Cravings

Is it just us, or is the ketogenic diet trending harder than berets and flare pants right now? High in fats, low in carbs, and 100-percent cheese-friendly, it’s no wonder keto is all the rage. And though cutting out carbs means kissing a few foods goodbye, there’s still so much good stuff you can eat. The proof is in the (chia seed) pudding: It took us almost no time to find 15 ridiculously delicious keto-friendly snacks that made us want to convert on the spot.

So if you’re considering going keto, know that you’ve got these fat-filled keto snacks on your side to cut the carb FOMO whenever it strikes. And if you’re not… well… you might be after this.

If all the corn tortillas in the world suddenly vanished, humans would still find a way to make chips and guacamole. Just throw some bacon strips in the oven and whip up some homemade guac—you might just find this easy and satisfying snack beats the OG combo.

These energizing sweet treats are rich, nutty, and filled with healthy fats to keep you cruising through ketosis like the fat-burning machine you are. Keep a few in the fridge to have on hand whenever you need a quick pick-me-up.

There’s more meat here than our brains know what to do with, but our mouths are definitely OK with it. Sweet, smoky, and a little spicy, these bites make great apps, game day food, or solo snacks that you’re encouraged to go HAM on.

If you thought latkes were off-limits, think again. While typically made with potatoes (which, yes, are off-limits), this keto-friendly version subs in cauliflower for a crispy and satisfying pancake. Fry away!

Buffalo chicken that’s not a wing?! It’s not blasphemy—it’s actually a lighter, lower-carb alternative (as long as you don’t bread it). For a fast snack, grab a few on the go; make a meal of them by loading on top of a bowl of zucchini noodles.

They’re like potato chips—but healthier, cheesier, and way more filling. These guys are the go-to snack when the midday munchies hit but you don’t want to break the keto diet and actually buy chips.

It might not be fall anymore, but pumpkin isn’t dead yet. These layered fat bombs mean that you don’t have to ditch your favorite gourd just because you’re in ketosis. Packed with protein, these treats are perfect for dessert or a fancy post-workout snack.

Shout it from the hilltops: Mayo is fair game on keto! Take advantage by filling these shrooms to the brim with a spicy homemade chipotle mayo, sausage, and onion. They make fantastic finger foods, so if you’re willing to share, bring them to that upcoming potluck.

Most keto-friendly crackers are just various forms of baked cheese. But what if you want to eat crackers and cheese? We’re not saying cheese on cheese is off-limits, but if you’re looking to diversify your snack just a little, these crackers are the perfect solution. Flavorful and light, they’re great to munch on as-is, or in combination with (duh) cheese.

If you catch yourself wondering why you went keto, pop one of these in your mouth and everything will be better. The best part? These goat cheese balls require just three simple ingredients, so they’re a perfect keto-friendly app to make if you’re pinched for time (and moolah).

You don’t have to cut sushi out of your life just because rice is a no-go. Swap it out for cauliflower rice, throw in some cream cheese, cuke, and ‘cado, and you’re ready to roll.

Think you can’t do keto with a sweet tooth? Don’t write it off just yet. The combination of cacao and sweet dark cherries in this decadent snack will make your sugar cravings disappear as quickly as these fat bombs probably will.

It might be a little fishy to wolf down a traditional tuna melt while on keto. But these bites are completely breadless. And to be honest, we kind of prefer it that way.

We’re pretty sure this is not what eating your veggies is supposed to look like. But we’re OK with it. Beneath layers and layers of cheese, there’s a whole lot of cauliflower, making these savory sticks just as keto-approved as they are taste-bud-approved.

Keto should never, ever mean depriving ourselves of the joys of life. And for us, pretzels is one of those joys. To make this keto-friendly, grab some almond flour, eggs, and cream cheese, and imagine you’re on your first date at the mall again. (Or don’t… )