Nutritionists have called the best foods for a healthy Breakfast

Nutritionists have called the best foods for a healthy Breakfast

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Women, refusing Breakfast, risking their health, the first food needed by the body. In the morning the man receives a large number of nutrients, including fats, fiber, complex carbohydrates and protein, according to nutritionists.

If a worker engages in physical labor, it is necessary to eat protein foods in the morning. In that case, if the person works in the office and brought to mental work, you need to focus on a large amount of carbohydrates. Food eaten before lunch, completely absorbed, what can be said about the evening meals. The experts identified seven foods that should be consumed for Breakfast.

First in the TOP 7 lists of birds ‘ eggs, they’re perfect for Breakfast, the body receives vitamin a, iron and protein. Porridge from different cereals does not harm the figure, on the contrary, they belong to easy food. They are full of trace minerals, acids and carbohydrates. Breakfast oatmeal with dried fruit is the best option, as well as rice or buckwheat porridge with milk.

The list is rye bread, experts advise not to abandon it. Grains full of micronutrients, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Dairy products ranked fourth in the TOP 7, they need for their protein and calcium. For Breakfast it is especially useful to eat cheeses, combining them with vegetables, bread and fruit. Cheese is used both separately and in various salads. Nutritionists recommend yogurt, kefir and fermented baked milk, they normalize the digestive process.

Chicken is also easy to digest, it contains a small amount of calories and fats as a source of protein. In sixth place is the grapefruit, its juice actively breaks down fats and vitamin C.

Honey, who occupies the seventh place, inhibits viruses and bacteria, its fructose is an excellent source of energy. This natural product combines very well with cereals, toast and muesli.