Quick + Easy Vegan Snacks | Smoothie Bowl Energy Bites

Quick + Easy Vegan Snacks | Smoothie Bowl Energy Bites
How to Meal Prep Healthy Snacks for 2018!!! Here’s my Smoothie Bowl Energy Bite recipe in sponsorship with Google Assistant you can check out here: This is a perfect…


  1. I want to go vegan for health reasons, and i’ve ate meat ALL my life. is it add adjusting to the “vegan” life? none of my family is vegan however my aunt and her kids are VEGETARIAN, but idk , :/ I know vegan and vegetarian aren’t the same thing, I just don’t know how i’ll keep up with my vegan life if no one in my family is vegan.. advice? :/

  2. Looks delicious!! Don’t mislead these ppl Maya!! Nobody ever got fat eating too many bananas and dates tho!! ?? Processed sugar from junk foods is the enemy.

  3. Natural sugar like fruits, whole plant foods is not the problem and will not make you fat! Sour patches…yes! But dates and bananas…hell no! Process sugar and process fats are the enemy! We live and thrive on carbohydrates (and healthy protein and fats too don't get me wrong)! Btw, I NEVER snack. What is important is to listen to your body: to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. I would not suggest to set an alarm to eat something if you don't want to.  Thanks anyway to share some vegan recipes.

  4. Hey Maya!!! i would love to learn more about how you edit videos! I have been following you and I love your videos on cryptocurrencies! I am putting together a webinar on it!

  5. I just want to thank you, Maya, for inspiring me. I discovered you through one of your tech talk videos, and was hooked by your Shamelessness! They say to find a niche, but I love that you just do you, regardless of topic. Thanks to you, this year I’ve decided to be “Unapologetically Me” ~ you super rock, girl! <3

  6. "she sweaty!" LOL gurl you funny and this video was full of all the info I've been searching for. Concise and straight to it. New sub.

  7. Love this video!  Thank you for sharing.  You have a wonderful personality and bring your audience with you completely!!  Does any of you use Alexa by the way?

  8. I use Google for nutrition as well. But take acre it can be unhealthy. It tells you to have just 40g of protein. Ask how much protein you need per day

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