What’s In My Lunchbag? | Healthy Paleo Lunch Ideas

What’s In My Lunchbag? | Healthy Paleo Lunch Ideas
What’s in my lunchbag? Here are some healthy paleo lunch ideas featuring a very special recipe 😉 SUBSCRIBE for weekly videos: Download my FREE Self-Love eBook:


  1. I really enjoyed your video and your down-to-earth personality !! I will definitely going to try your dessert. Once a week I also have 2 organic eggs as a part of my lunch.

  2. This is really inspiring me to start eating lunch properly – I always struggle with it… :/ I was wondering whether you'd do a recipe ideas series but surrounding one particular vegetable? I want to start eating more vegetables (I eat a grand total of 0 right now) but I'm at a loss when it comes to what to do with them and how to eat them. It'd be nice to have like a dummies' guide to veg… 🙂

  3. Such a coincidence! I've been making my own chocolate blobs just like that for a long time now! I hope you can do a video on pros and cons of Matcha just like you did for coffee, I love your way to explain things!

  4. If I didn't work from home i'd use all these ideas 😀 It's so refreshing to see someone cook and prepare meat in a healthy and inspiring way, the same as you see other people prepare veggies, salads etc. I have complete respect for all vegetarians and vegans but as I meat eater I love this! I'm intolerant to a large amount of fruit and veg myself (curse you fructose!) so meat forms a large part of my diet. 
    ps. that chocolate blob looks AMAZING! (excellent name too!) x

  5. I love your videos but meat is so bad for your health ?? especially something as processed as ground turkey.. 🙁 not to mention the cruelty :/

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