Wicked Healthy to Launch New Vegan Cookbook

Wicked Healthy to Launch New Vegan Cookbook

The brothers behind Wicked Healthy food, Derek and Chad Sarno, along with David Joachim, have announced the launch of a brand-new vegan cook book and it is due to hit the shelves this May! May 8th, to be exact.

The book is titled ‘THE WICKED HEALTHY COOKBOOK: Free. From. Animals.’ and will feature a forward written by Woody Harrelson. Harrelson is a keen vegan activist and at the end of last year, he partnered with fellow animal rights enthusiast, Paul McCartney, to create a short anti-meat film encouraging people to try out veganism.

The book will contain 129 recipes, all plant-based, for many occasions. So, if you’re holding a fancy dinner party with friends, they’ve got you covered or, if it’s a Tuesday night and you’re feeling uninspired, they’ve got every day recipes too. Examples of recipes included in the book are, Sloppy BBQ Jackfruit Sliders with Slaw, Summer Vegetable Carpaccio and Drunken Berries with Amaretto Gelato. The Trio haven’t just stopped at food either, Cocktail recipes and a section on how to make sauces will also be available.

Derek Sarno recently launched a successful vegan ready meal range for Tesco across 600 of it’s stores, he said of the release, ‘my intention was to appeal to the hardest core meat eaters. Everyone wants to eat more veggies and we’re making it dead easy to do so.’  As of the books new release in May, it’ll be even easier to eat a consistently fun, healthy diet courtesy of Wicked Healthy food.

Image Credit: Wicked Healthy